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We are in Kastraki, a village 2 km away from Kalabaka in the prefecture of Trikala. The film opens with footage of a kiosk which is full of postcards of the hovering rocks. The view changes and now we watch the sandstone "forest" that rises proudly in the depths of the centuries.

In the background, we see the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas of Barlaam with its bold architecture, wedged into the rock as if it had always been an integral part of it. We see details from the relief of the rocks, the facades of the monastery and panoramic shots from the Thessalian plain where we can stand out the town of Kalabaka with its natural boundary that defines it, the river Pinios and Mount Kerketio in the background.

Afterwards, the lens deviates at the southern end of Meteora and wanders in the old and new "katholikon" of the Monastery of Saint Stefanos where the tall domes stand out and then on a sign with a dress code guide. The film focuses on the visitors of the monastery, a street vendor and a group of children, probably from a school, who walk towards the monastery.

Later on we have distant general shots of the monasteries on the rocks while a man is photographing the view.

Finally, the film maker returns to the town of Kalabaka and departs towards the cities of Trikala and Karditsa.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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