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From an altitude, we see shots from Perea Ge, known today as Loutraki, and from the Corinthian gulf. The snow-capped mountains probably of Kyllini are visible in the background.

We are in the Geraneia Mountains where on a steep slope is built the Holy Monastery of Saint Patapios.

The filmmaker films the monastery’s entrance and the courtyard where visitors walk, outside the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and then a member of the filmmaker’s group of friends leaves the cave where the holy relic of the saint is located. A few more shots from the cave as women go up the stairs, panoramic views of the Corinthian gulf and a few shots from the courtyard again.

Afterwards, the lens stands in the church of the saint, continues on the facade of the Monastery complex where the monks' cells are located, and captures four nuns standing on a balcony next to the Greek flag.

The filmmakers company, then, walk the path that leads to the monastery enjoying the landscape’s natural beauty and the filmmaker once again offers us panoramic shots of Loutraki and the Corinthian Gulf. A barking dog, who sits on the cliffs, steals the show and then the small bells lined up one behind the other in the courtyard above the entrance of the Monastery where the panoramic view is stunning.

The lens returns to the sacred cave just to wander shortly afterwards to Loutraki where we can see the E. Venizelou street, the buildings alongside the coastline and in the background the piers that embrace the Corinth Canal. Afterwards, the filmmaker follows the nuns in their daily activities and at the same time gives us views of the building complex.

The film closes with the lens following some goats) which move around freely inside the monastery.



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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm