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We are at the 21st Rally Acropolis in Greece. The 1973 Rally Acropolis was the sixth round of the opening season of the World Rally Championship. Running in late May on the hot dirt roads of central Greece and is a long-running event in the WRC calendar.

The film opens with footage at the Dionysiou Areopagitou street during the start of the rally. We see the people applauding and greeting the car Alpine-Renault A110 1800 with number 1 and their drivers Therier Jean-Luc and Delferier Christian who came out first. They are followed by a Toyota Celica with number 4 with the drivers Andersson Ove and Haggbom Gunnar and an Alpine-Renault A110 1800 with number 5 with Nicolas Jean-Pierre and Vial Michel. We see the start of a BMW 2002 with the number 6 and Waldegard Bjorn and Thorszelius Hans, as photographers, cameramen and the public record the event.

Afterwards, we see the Volkswagen Kafer 1303 S with number 7 and Kallstrom Harry and Billstam Claes, the Fiat 124 Abarth Rallye with number 8 with Paganelli Alcide and Russo Ninni, the Ford Escort RS 1600 MKI with number 9 with Sclater Chris and de Jong Bob, the Alpine-Renault A110 1800 with number 10 with Darniche Bernard and Mahe Alain, the Volkswagen Kafer 1303 S with number 11 with Janger Guthner and Gottlieb Harald, the Fiat 124 Abarth Rallye with number 12 with Aaltonen Rauno and Turvey Robin, the Ford Escort RS 1600 MKI with number 16 with Sparrow Will and Liddon Henry, the Alpine-Renault A110 1600 with number 17 and the Greeks Siroco and Andriopoulos Miltos, the BMW 2002 Tii with number 18 with Zweibaumer Zacki and Brucklacher Dieter.

The recording of the starts continues with the Citroen DS 23 with number 21 and the drivers Bochnicek Richard and Kernmayer Sepp-Dieter, the BMW 2002 Tii with number 22 with Sipahi Ali and Tan Oral, the Volkswagen Kafer 1303 S with number 26 with Dopperlreiter Helmut and Schurke Oswald, the Opel Kadett Rallye with number 28 and the Greeks Mexis Costas and Mexis Christianos, the Opel Ascona with number 30 and the Greek Pesmazoglou Giannis.

The lens stays on the BL Mini 1275 GT with number 31 and the drivers Dodds Mike and Oddie Peter and continues among others with the Opel Ascona A 1900 with number 35 with Donner Fredric and Forss Johan, the Ford Escort Mexico MKI with number 36 and the Greeks Siro and Elmer, the Audi 80 with number 37 and the Greeks Raptopoulos George and Tsantoulas Alekos, the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV with number 39 and the Greeks Moschos Georgios and Zourboulis Nikos, the Toyota Corolla with number 42 and the Greeks Psihas Ioannis and Papatriantafyllou Andreas, the Audi 80 GL with number 45 and the Greeks Zalmas Stavros and Apostolidis Sarantis, the Audi 80 GL with number 56 and the Greeks Bardopoulos Ioannis and Karelis Theodoros.

The film closes with car number 73 and a filmmaker’s zoom-in shot at Hella, an internationally operating German car parts supplier that develops and manufactures lighting, electronics and systems for the automotive industry.

*The Acropolis Rally is one of the oldest and most important car races. It was started by ELPA in 1951 and is now part of the World Rally Championship (WRC). It is considered one of the most demanding and competitive Rally of the championship.



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