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Lairg is a village and parish in Sutherland, in the area of Highlands in Scotland.

The film begins with footage of the Shin River, that is flowing alongside the Lairg.

We can see the many layers of the river which create small waterfalls, as well as the salmons jumping out of the water at these steep spots.
Then, after the filmmaker has left Lairg, he reaches the coastal road, where we see two women in a swimsuit οn a boat.

Then we follow the coastline while we watch from inside the car. Through some trails we are driven to a deserted place, a characteristic landscape of the Highlands area.

Then we meet a herd of sheep, as well as a long-haired cattle, an animal variety that, due to its particular hair growth, it can survive the harsh winters of northern mountainous Scotland.


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Bonar, Andrew Graham

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm

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The River Shin, near Lairg, is a very good salmon river. If you’re lucky you will see the salmon trying to leap up the fall. Their task seems hopeless, yet some of them miraculously succeed and pass on up to the next fall and the next till they reach their journey’s end.

The roads up here aren’t very wide, are they? You have to play a game of musical chairs, running from one passing place to the next… And if you want to get off the main road on to a track such as this you have to make sure you have a vehicle with good ground clearance.

Brrr! It’s very empty and lonely out here. If the car breaks down I fancy we shall be completely at the mercy of the witches and warlocks.

Here are some long- haired cattle. These cattle are of a special breed, incidentally, and are found only in the Scottish highlands.
Bonar, Andrew Graham