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We are in the port of Piraeus where we watch the departure of the ship "Aeolis" of Efthymiadis interests. The lens follows the ship as a tugboat guides it to its exit from the port.

We can see the hatchway on its side, the painted lifeboats, the staircase of passengers that is picked up aside, the crowded decks where the passengers say goodbye to Piraeus at sunset, with the advertising sign of the beer "Fix" as a background.

The lens passes alongside the ship, gets filled up for a while with the thick black smoke that comes out of the ship’s funnel, to give us a shot of its prow with the bridge. We can see the anchor and the logo of the Efthymiadis shipping.

The ship sails slowly to the port as the sun goes down and the film closes with the black shadows of the cranes that rise above the roofs of the apartment buildings.

The ship was built in 1948 at the Japanese shipyard Mitsubishi Jukogyo K.K., Kobe for the Japanese Government with the original name "Taisetsu Maru". In 1966 it was bought by Efthymiadis, was rebuilt in Perama and renamed "Aeolis". Its decks were open and covered with wood.

With the financial collapse of Efthymiadis, the ship was sold to the Cypriot Sol Lines of Solomonidis interests and was renamed "Sol Phryne".

In 1991, it was bought by Ben Hadji Choubaki Fouad with the Honduran flag and on December 6 of the same year, it sank after a fire and explosion, south of the Vis island while it was transporting Yugoslav troops and ammunition.


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Chatzidakis Georgios

HD (1440x1080)



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