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We are in the centre of Athens, on the Amalias Avenue during the Carnival.

The film opens with the carnival parade. A carriage and a policeman on a motorcycle lead the parade that follows. We see a close-up shot with the Mount Lycabettus and the church of St. Georgios at the top of it and back to the parade. We see people who are dressed in costumes, the municipality’s band and police officers who talk to each other while keeping the road open for the carnivalgoers and the chariots to pass.

The parade continues. We see the carnivalgoers who hold thousands of balloons, the then mayor Dimitris Beis who greet the people and a clown who smiles and bows to the camera. Various masquerades pass by while a chariot informs us by having written in its front "Carnival 1984". Countless carnivalgoers keep going, sometimes in groups sometimes individually, with the horse-carriages and chariots to follow.

The filmmaker focuses on a sign that says "Robots ate us" and back to the imaginative chariots whose purpose is not only to entertain people but to satirize the news as well. A large chariot with a baby sleeping that says "Municipal Police" and the parade continues with a group that supports sports with signs such as "Sports have no age", "Sports in the parks" and their respective chariot.

We see a general shot of the crowded Athens and the film closes with two quite satirical chariots.




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Tsamadias Spyros

HD (1440x1080)



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Super 8mm